From text to voice

You need more than a translation? You need not only the words, but also a voice to ensure synchronisation or a recording of a voice-over? 

Paula-Jane loves theatre, games, improvisation and brings a little madness of her own. She knows how to breathe life into a text. As a language lover, she covers a wide range of personalities and subtleties, depending on your needs and context, and can give your project both seriousness and lightness.


“Paula Jane Martin is the person I call when it comes to the most demanding dubbing and voice-over requests. I don’t know anyone who can simultaneously read a script, listen to it and translate the original voice into German, English and French according to its tone and rhythm.

I don’t believe in mutants, but if I should change my mind one day, Paula Jane Martin would probably be at least partly responsible.”

Pascal Deshayes 


Royal studios

Av. de Svelin 32A

1004 Lausanne