We are here to communicate with you.

« The language of Europe is translation. »

Umberto Eco



My perspective

For more than 15 years, PJM has combined experience, quality and trustworthiness regarding matters of language and communication. Every year we translate hundreds of thousands of words and texts in the commissions which are entrusted to us. We supply simultaneous interpretation services for conferences, meetings, training sessions, hearings and any event which requires a bridge between languages and cultures.

Based in Berne, we are available for the needs of our clients at any time throughout Switzerland and Europe. Our goal is to offer our clients – the core of our profession – local expertise on a regional, national and pan-European scale.

With an exceptional reputation for excellence and integrity, PJM offers a complete range of services to clients in both the public and private sectors.


What we Do


Wherever participants with different languages gather around a table for negotiations or a working group; where there are administrative councils, general assemblies or delegations; during kick-off meetings, conferences, press conferences, business events; be it in the course of training sessions, audits or hearings – in all these situations smooth communication is of paramount importance.


In times when business moves at great speed, when the opening of a new market is expeditious, or the search for opportunities in internal and foreign markets is essential, we stand by our clients by making available to them the necessary structure and a logical solution for the translation of all kinds of commercial documents.

Technical Support

Our communication channels are constantly evolving, yet encounters and exchanges remain essential. A company must be able to react quickly to be heard and understood by as many people as possible.

Are you planning a conference, meeting, training-session or other event?  You need interpreters but don’t know how to organise the technical aspects? Do you need a booth or a guide system?

Remote solutions

What should you do when you plan to bring together dozens or several hundred people and an exceptional event occurs – for instance, a global pandemic? Companies around the world have been faced with this unexpected situation, and we have not escaped it.

The transition from real meetings virtual encounters is not always easy, but we have what you need – from advice on available systems to support right in and into the digital world.

Who is Paula-Jane?

Paula-Jane Martin, MA

Paula-Jane has…

extensive experience :

  • 15 years of professional activity in the fields of communication, translation and interpretation
  • An extensive network to cover different language combinations, translations and technical specifications
  • In-depth knowledge of the market and the Swiss political, social and commercial context
  • A perfect command of Swiss-German

Wide-ranging education and training :

  • A Master’s degree in English and French philology
  • A Master’s degree in social sciences
  • A Federal Adult Trainer’s Certificate (FSEA)
  • A professional career in training, health (health coach certificate (Swiss Lung League) and human resources (HR assistant certificate)

and above all :

  • A love of language and communication 
  • A passion for a job well done
  • A constant desire to learn and discover
  • The conviction that every problem has its solution
Our Values

What we defend


From words to a world – Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes !



A translator knows how to transmit – and when not to do so. Confidentiality is part of the high quality standard we aim to maintain at each step.


We are always going to look for the best solution according to your needs and specific situation.


The world moves and the unexpected happens. We are solution-oriented and work with different technical systems within a large network that offers numerous possibilites.

Subject areas

Our clients include several nationally and internationally renowned companies. We will be happy to provide you with references on request.

When translating, you must know how to transmit. When we work for you, we also know when not to do so. Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you!